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Fangirl Project: Casey McKinnon

Fangirl Project: Casey McKinnon

Casey McKinnon, Executive Producer, Galacticast (http://www.galacticast.com)

Actress, producer and fangirl extraordinaire Casey McKinnon spends "almost every waking moment" making Galacticast, a free weekly science fiction comedy show for the web. She is also the co-creator of A Comicbook Orange and Kitkast.

Two of her most cherished possessions? Her green screen and her own hand-sewn Star Trek costume.

Learn more about this mega fangirl at www.caseymckinnon.com

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For more information on the Fangirl Project photo documentary, go to http://www.fangirlproject.com
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Happy Holidays from your fellow fangirls at Fangirl Project (and our fangirl of the season, Casey McKinnon)!

We wrote you guys a special song to raise your Christmas spirits:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, 

George Lucas sent to me 

Dumbledore a'drumming, 

Prue and Piper piping, 

Legolas a-leaping, 

Nine Klingons dancing, 

Eight fangirls filking,

Bella Swan a-swimming, 

Six Slayers slaying,

Five Elvish rings, 

Four comic nerds, 

a magic damage cleanse, 

RPS-slash love, 

and a DVD of Serenity...

We hope your (fishnet) stockings are full of lolcats, epic l00tz, cylons, tribbles, muggles, sparkling vampires, zombies, Chuck Norris and/or Rick Astley, Jawas, manflesh, polyhedral dice and all things gloriously geeky. ^_~

May the SCHWARTZ be with you,
Love & Jen
Fangirl Project

Happy Halloween from Fangirl Project!

After falling off the face of the earth (for a long work hiatus), we are SO back and ready to rock Fangirl Project again!

And we're kicking off our official return with a spotlight on superfangirl Eve Gidion.

Eve, an Atlanta-based veterinarian, has turned her lifelong Star Trek obsession into an (amazing) art: she carves Trek character portraits into artificial pumpkins!

Here she is with one of her masterpieces: a pumpkin featuring the captains from each Star Trek series. (Shown: the very best captain of them all. *ahem*)

Fangirl Project: Eve
Eve Gidion at home in Atlanta, GA, 2007
Photo © Love Ablan

All about Eve...Collapse )

Much more news to come soon. In the meantime, we wish you all a very Happy Halloween!
Hey fan girls!

I'm trying to figure out how many conventions are run by women. Off hand, I know of WisCon and YuriCon. I run SalonCon. Do you know of others?

Me Again!

Ok, this annoucement by the MET in New York City sealed it for my plans to visit Home this summer!

It's great that they have included the great Thierry Mugler (one of favorite designers), cause I'm always telling lil_fatty that I would love to see him design some superhero costumes...then I started thinking that this Mugler design was so made for Emma Frost "the White Queen"...

Click to view:

Imagine her strolling in to a movie scene in that outfit!

Some More Thierry Mugler Amazing shows/ would be great super herion outfits:



OK, I'm not a girl..but I am a Gay...

So I want to share! let me first say "O-My-friggin_GAWD"

To those few...very few..it might just be one of you that even know how big of a DR.WHO fan I am, I just saw this trailer for the up'en-coming season 4 and can I say it looks freaking amazing!!!

Martha-Rose-and Catherine Tate! Yes I've had my first NERD-ganism in a very long time!

Lookie here:


Hey You! Fellow Fangirls!

It's been SO quiet here for a long time. What's up? Are there still people here? How goes the Fangirl book? Inquiring fangirls the world over want to know! (note this shoutout goes to everybody, not just Love and the Nautibitz!)

Happy Halloween!

This year, I went as Edward Scissorhands. Snip snip!

How about you guys? Show me your fangirl-riffic costumes! :D

Fangirl Project: Jessica Chobot

Here is one of our favorite shots from our photo session with IGN Entertainment writer/host and über fangirl, Jessica Chobot:

Fangirl Project: Jessica Chobot

Big thanks to Jessica, not only for letting us get a very intimate peek into how she expresses her fangirl tendencies, but also for posting about us over at IGN.com in her blog entry titled, "I Like to Read Manga when I Poop." We sometimes do too, Jess. ^_^
Hey fellow fans,

We returned safely from our San Francisco trip and met some really cool fangirls there. I can't wait to share more pix and news soon, when it's not so crazy around here.

Anyhow, while we were at the Oakland hotel, I recall seeing a post on fangirlproject from a Portland fangirl who was chillin' with Señor Boba Fett himself! It appears that the post is either gone, or I was hallucinating at the time. Anyway, if you're not a figment of my imagination, we think you're awesome mysterious fangirl, so please contact us again!

We're planning out our Portland trip, so we hope to get a chance to meet you, and also jessicadwyer. Any other Portland fangirls, give us a holler! Now's your chance!

Also, we're finally getting to our neighborly fangirls in the Los Angeles area, so expect emails from us soon in regards to scheduling in the upcoming month. Much thanks to gm_avie who is in charge of booking all my shoots this October, and keeping me and nautibitz relatively sane.

FangirlProject.com Redesigned!

About a week ago, nautibitz said to me, "We should really update FangirlProject.com before we leave for Atlanta." And I answered her with, "We can rebuild it. We have the technology!" And so we did!

We didn't get a chance to post a new fangirl pic last night, but we managed to redesign and finish the new and vastly improved website! Much thanks to my cousin lil_fatty for illustrating the fangirl girl. :)

Anyhow, our car service to the airport is picking us up in 10 minutes, so I can't really wax poetically about all the new pages. But let's just say it went from 1 page to 10 pages! And you get to see one of the never-before-seen Behind The Scenes pictures with beerbad on the About page. We also put up some banners for those that requested them -- but you're welcome to make your own as well. ^_^


Anyway, we're looking forward to DragonCon! If you are going to be at the con and wanna be a part of the project, please try to track us down -- we'll be wandering around on Saturday and Sunday. I'll be the one that looks dazed and jetlagged, lugging a gear case around with me. (And I'll probably be fawning over Marc Singer, aka my childhood hero, The Beastmaster!) And Nauti, well, she'll probably look fab like she always does. :)

If you want to arrange a specific time and place to meet up at the con, please email us or contact us on fangirlproject! People on my FLIST can send me text messages via LJ too.

Gotta run! Wish us luck!