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Fangirl Project: Janelle and Liz

Two more days before our departure, and I'm printing out model releases, charging all my batteries and double-checking that everything works, woohoo!

This is going to be my first time at DragonCon (yes, I'm cherry) and I wonder, do they sell any decent costumes there? I feel like I need to do my part but I don't have the time to make anything.

This one Halloween, I tied a paper plate to my head and attached a stuffed lobster on it. I was a 'table'. I don't think that's going to fly as a costume at DragonCon.

It would be kinda fun to go as Jammer from Battlestar Galactica, haha, especially since he once played Kristin Kreuk's love interest in the campy teen Canadian soap, Edgemont -- yep, I'm a tv nerd. (The kind of tv nerd that noticed that half the cast of Edgemont shows up on BSG in one episode or another. Vancouver coinky-dink, eh?)

Heck, I'll take a Gryffindor scarf at this point. Or even Spongebob's actual square pants. Or even two cinnamon rolls to make Princess Leia hair buns! Anything! I know, somewhere, out there... there's a Hamtaro furry mascot suit with my name on it. :P

Anyhow, in honor of Wednesdays being "New Comic Book Day", we've got not one but two rad comic book fans for the picture countown: Here's a picture of fangirls Janelle and Liz lugging huge stacks of comics upstairs to enjoy for the night! Sounds like a good time to me. =)

Fangirl Project: Janelle & Liz
Janelle & Liz

Vote Petrelli for Congress!

I had planned to post a different picture today for the week's countdown, but then this earthly shadow draped the California skies and I felt a sudden current of electricity course through my body and escape from my fingertips as two massive thunderbolts! And so I turned to nautibitz for help only to realize that she was made of liquid and was hovering above me like a transparent Silver Surfer!

It was then that I realized TODAY is the lunar eclipse! And it is also the release date for Heroes Season One DVD set which has the 73-minute never-before-seen premiere episode!

*cue very dramatic music*

And so, with the help of Micah and Mr. Linderman re-arranging the image files on my computer, it is my honor to present a Heroes fangirl from "the list", Petrelli Campaigner fangirljen!

Here she is, a true hero to the Petrellis, wearing her campaign outfit and a Merry Marvel Marching Society badge:

Fangirl Project: FangirlJen for Petrelli

Save Mr. Muggles... Save the world!

Fangirl Project: Jen K. aka bdbdb

Third in the DragonCon countdown this week is the awesome TV production assistant Jen K. aka bdbdb, a Buffy/Angel fan at home with actual set pieces and props from the show! Click for details:

BDBDB at the Bronze
Jen K. aka bdbdb with an actual table from the Bronze!

P.S. For all our fellow Joss Whedon fans, check out the new comic, "Sugarshock" at Dark Horse Presents!

Fangirl Project: Jules Is A Cylon!

The countdown to DragonCon continues, and as promised, here's the next picture!

This is Jules at Secret Headquarters in Los Angeles. (Thanks to Secret Headquarters for letting us shoot there!)

Fangirl Project: Jules is a Cylon
Jules Is A Cylon!

Yep, she made the nifty shirt herself! Click the above image to take you to the full-size picture with all the details. Feedback on the pics I'm uploading this week is much appreciated. ^_^

Anyhow, I've been working all day on redesigning the Fangirl Project website. I hope (cross my fingers) that I finish before we leave for Atlanta. Wish me luck!


Hey Guys,

I hear your coming to the Portland area in Sept/Oct range.  I"m in Eugene which is only a bit away.  If you are still interested in interviews etc. for the doc and book I'd love to participate. :)

Jessica AKA Editor of Fangirl Magazine.


Fangirl Project: Alice aka Beerbad

nautibitz and I are leaving for DragonCon on Friday, and in honor of those that have already participated in the documentary, we are going to be counting down by posting one Fangirl portrait every single day until we leave!

First up is the very kick-ass Alice aka beerbad, Battlestar Galactica and Firefly fangirl in her awesome dorm room sporting BSG fatigues and dog tags!

Fangirl Project: Alice aka Beerbad
Alice aka beerbad Rawr!

If any of you guys are going to be in Atlanta for DragonCon next weekend, please let us know! We don't have a booth for that con, we're just going to be wandering around, so it's best to schedule something with us if you would like to participate. And hey, maybe we'll have a party in our hotel room again, w00t!

ETA: Here's a link to beerbad's post about her picture and how she sold her body to me and nautibitz ROFL. ^_^

Fangirl Project Upcoming Travel Plans

nautibitz and I are going to be in the following destinations in the next couple of months. If you're a fangirl that lives in any one of those areas, or if you're attending one of these conventions, please let us know your availability. We'd love to meet with you!


Las Vegas - July 13-15
New York/New Jersey (for DexCon) - July 18-23
San Diego (for ComicCon) - July 26-30
Anaheim (for BlizzCon, ZOMG pew pew!) - Aug 3-4
Atlanta (for DragonCon) - Aug 31-Sept 3
Vancouver - Either Sept 20-24 or Sept 27-Oct 1
San Francisco - (probably mid-August)
Portland - (probably mid-September or early October)
.....and maybe, if we have any cash left for this project by then, Chicago.

Holler at us to stake your claim in Fangirl history! ^_^

DexCon discount, East Coast and BlizzCon!

Heya fellow fen,

We're back in L.A. and a little behind on emails and stuff, but here's some Fangirl Project news!

1.) The awesome folks at Dexposure are offering our fellow fangirls $5 off pre-registration for DexCon 10 in NJ! Just plop in the following code for your discount: dex10_$10fangirls

DexCon 10
East Brunsick, New Jersey
July 18-22, 2007

We might be panelists for this con, so come on down!

This one-week July trip may be one of the few chances we get to hang out with any East Coast fangirls, so everyone in the tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT) should definitely holler at us, we'd love to meet you!

2.) Boomkin Druid LFM BlizzCon 2007! We just got two tickets to Blizzard Entertainment's convention in CA this August, so all you World of Warcraft and Starcraft players, come and help us PWN some n00bcakes!

BlizzCon 2007
Anaheim, California
August 3-4, 2007

Also note, we'll be in San Diego for Comic Con in July and Atlanta for DragonCon in August/September. Check out our website FangirlProject.com for our upcoming convention schedule!

That's all the news for today. I promise to post some preview sneak peek pix by this weekend hopefully. And as for the Los Angeles-area fangirls, we finally have some openings in the next three weeks, so expect us to contact you about scheduling. =)

Whedonesque! and DexCon!

Haaay, check it out, Fangirl Project got a neat mention on Whedonesque.com!!!


And thanks to them, we subsequently received a slew of awesome new incoming submissions! (You can see two new fab fangirls in our FLICKR Pool!) Thanks to all our fellow Joss Whedon fans, we <3 you guys!

We've also been invited to a gamer convention in NJ this July called DEXCON! We're pretty hardcore gamers, as well as fangirls, so we look forward to checking it out. Thanks to Double Exposure Inc for inviting us and offering us access to the whole convention!

Speaking of, here's a list of upcoming events we will be attending -- let us know if you'll be at any one of thse cons!

DexCon 10

East Brunswick, New Jersey
July 18-22, 2007

Comic Con International
San Diego, California
July 26-July 29, 2007


Atlanta, Georgia
August 31-Sept 3, 2007

I think we may have a table at DEXCON, but for the others, we'll just be sort of wandering around. Maybe we'll get some silly t-shirts or aprons or something. =)

* My cousin, lil_fatty is still trying to get us a hotel room at the Marriott for the Comic Con in San Diego, but so far it looks like nearly every single hotel in that area appears to be booked solid for the entire convention. We're still looking into different options and hoping for a miracle, but if we can't find a place to crash, we may have to cancel.

At last, the SCI FI Summit Pix!

Hey guys,

Sorry this is kinda late -- I'm generally behind on replying to comments here on the Fangirl Project community, but I finally have the pictures uploaded and I just posted my (kinda rushed and sloppy) con report. I hope you guys enjoy the pix!

Click to be transported to the Fangirl Project flickr pool:

Fangirljen, Jonny and Niala
Fangirljen, Jonathan Woodward and Scififreak

Thanks so much to everyone that hung out and talked to us at the con! It was very cool meeting everyone, and very inspiring to connect with our fellow fangirls. nautibitz and I are truly grateful for everyone's support and interest in the project.

Anyway, I'll try to get to all the previous comments and stuff this weekend. But now we're off to meet with beerbad to photograph her for the Fangirl book! Wish us luck :)