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Happy Halloween from Fangirl Project!

After falling off the face of the earth (for a long work hiatus), we are SO back and ready to rock Fangirl Project again!

And we're kicking off our official return with a spotlight on superfangirl Eve Gidion.

Eve, an Atlanta-based veterinarian, has turned her lifelong Star Trek obsession into an (amazing) art: she carves Trek character portraits into artificial pumpkins!

Here she is with one of her masterpieces: a pumpkin featuring the captains from each Star Trek series. (Shown: the very best captain of them all. *ahem*)

Fangirl Project: Eve
Eve Gidion at home in Atlanta, GA, 2007
Photo © Love Ablan

"Growing up," recalls Eve, "it seemed there weren't many people like me -- a real sci-fi buff, engrossed in the world of Star Trek. In my adulthood I've been fortunate to discover the world of conventions and, thusly, masses of intelligent, imaginative, enlightened fan-people. And now, I feel I can express myself in fandom."

So far these expressions include pumpkin-carving, cosplay, convention reporting, vanity license plates that say "BOLDLY GO" and the dedication of an entire floor of her house to her collection of posters, autographed photos and model ships, all with her husband's blessing and support. He clearly understands that for Eve, the Trek franchise is more than entertainment: "It's hope," she says, "and it's a way of life."

Live long and prosper, Eve!

Much more news to come soon. In the meantime, we wish you all a very Happy Halloween!


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Oct. 31st, 2008 12:36 am (UTC)
Wow... just... my God she's beautiful... just... wow... I hope she likes DS9...
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